How it works



Advertisers customize auto-generated ad units that are pushed out to generate viewership. (Preview)


Advertisers choose target audience based on location, demographics, interests and more.



Advertisers analyze ad performance in real-time and watch as event viewership increases.

Compatible with any video player - YouTube, Vimeo, Livestream, uStream, YouTube Live, AOL On.

Intercast further extends the distribution of content beyond a central website and across digital assets.

Social Media

Article/Blog Embeddable Widget for PR

Website Embed / Turn-key Enterprise-Level Video Portal

Mobile Compatible

Interactive, engaging, impactful advertising features.


On demand video playlist with videos of any length


Dynamically adjust campaign visuals on the fly to correlate with narrative of content

Polling Polling gathers audience feedback for real-time campaign adjustments


Capture audience demo data through RSVPs, newsletters, and log-ins


Q&A feature allows for intimate engagement between content creator and viewer


Chat units consumers in their native languages around a single piece of content 


Donations of product purchase can be handled directly within the platform


Social media integrations allow content further organic virality

Leverage real-time data collection to optimize distribution.


  • Collect demographic and psychographic data from users’ social network connections

  • Run sentiment analyses from chat topic groupings, providing virtual focus groups throughout the campaign

  • Customize reporting per campaign through client-facing, simple-to-use reporting application

  • Capture user engagement around a piece of content and monitor its movement throughout the web

  • Implement polls dynamically throughout campaign, creating instant calls-to-action

  • Monitor and interact with viewers one-on-one through Q & A

  • Track sales performance and in-coming traffic in real-time

Proven engagement, proven brands.


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